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Wealthmonitor identifies potential high net worth individuals before they come into wealth, giving professionals who target this community a vital competitive edge. The journalist-based prospecting tool provides subscribers with proprietary intelligence to propel their business development initiatives.

Private Banks

Early identification of potential HNW clients Using Wealthmonitor’s intelligence on liquidity events, private bankers can establish relationships before an individual comes into wealth. By highlighting colleagues or advisors who may already have a relationship with specific individuals, the service also facilitates ‘warm’ referrals and introductions. Private bankers can use Wealthmonitor to pinpoint exactly the type of client they are looking for, filtering by geography, industry, nationality, age or interests.

Wealth Managers

Wealth managers use Wealthmonitor to identify HNW prospects with precision and speed. The service enables individuals to be targeted by level of current and potential wealth, geography and demographics to ensure clients are an ideal fit for the service offered. Detailed information about clients’ lives also makes it possible for approaches to be highly personalized. If referrals are needed, Wealthmonitor’s database of lawyers, bankers and accountants can be explored to facilitate introductions.

Asset managers

Wealthmonitor provides the insights that help investment and asset managers build long-lasting relationships with HNW clients. Detailed background on the individual and their personal and business context helps to build the personal relationships that private investors value. And as well as opening the door to referrals from advisory firms with whom investors and asset managers have mutual relationships, Wealthmonitor is also able to pinpoint those individuals with a tendency to invest, for example those with multiple shareholdings.

Family offices

With Wealthmonitor, family offices can explore new business opportunities by identifying new high net worth individuals and their families, and understanding them and their wealth-creation story. The service provides the deep background and insight needed to manage, build and sustain wealth for current and future generations: information on business engagements, background, acquaintances, and interests. When introductions are needed, Wealthmonitor’s database of advisory firms can be explored to facilitate referrals.


By matching their own HNW client records with Wealthmonitor’s custom data, brokers involved in investment,insurance and FX can create new business leads, and then go on to explore them with the service’s detailed HNW intelligence. Wealthmonitor is also able to pinpoint individuals with a tendency to invest, for example those with multiple shareholdings.


Luxury brands around the globe rely on Wealthmonitor‘s HNW intelligence to expand and maintain their marketing databases. – Private Jet Companies – Yacht Brokers – Wine and Luxury Goods Retailers – Luxury Travel Agents – Concierge Services – Luxury Car Brands – Jewellery Retailers